In the simplest terms: because you get what you pay for.

For someone who’s not been on a wilderness canoe trip before, the idea can be somewhat intimidating. We want to do everything in our power to remove that thought from your mind and make you as prepared as possible for what you’ll encounter.The last place you want to be if you’re unprepared is on a wilderness canoe trip. And we’ve heard horror stories from many of our converted customers who weren’t altogether happy with a previous trip through another outfit. We understand this and take every action to make sure you are prepared. We double check our packs to ensure you have all of your equipment needed for your trip. We take the extra time and make the extra effort to make sure you feel comfortable before paddling away. And we’ll share all of our knowledge (43 years) with you to see to it that your trip is a success, because in the end, our success depends on yours.To be honest, you can find a cheaper outfitter. But when equipment and preparation are so vital in making sure you return safe, why take that chance? This isn’t a game of Survivor, it’s your vacation. We urge you to email, call or fill out our online reservation form and find out first hand what a first-class boundary waters trip is all about.

  • The service you’ll receive here at Seagull is second to none on the Gunflint Trail.
  • We attend to every detail and cover all of the bases before you embark on your trip so you aren’t left trying to figure it out for yourself.
  • We provide you with the highest quality equipment to reduce any chances of a mishap while out in the wilderness.
  • Our staff members (above) will be there to help you from the minute you step on the property to the minute you drive away. We want you to be satisfied and will take every step to see that you are.
  • We have the experience as our knowledge dates back to the 1960s. And we’re happy to share it with you. Come and find the hidden treasures of the boundary waters without all the searching. We’ll let you in on some secrets that have taken others years to find.
  • All aspects of our operation are designed to ensure you have an enjoyable experience. For example our paddlers lodge and showerhouse are virtually spotless. After stepping out of the showers at our place, you won’t feel the need to get right back in like maybe you’ve experienced at other outfitters.
  • Our track record is impeccable. Ask any of our past customers. You may also read some testimonials from some of our many satisfied customers.

A Seagull Canoe Outfitters mug hangs from a pack.

Your Canoe Trip Adventure Awaits

Haven’t heard enough? Then please call and speak with us personally and voice your concerns so we can do all we can to ensure you a safe and successful trip no matter what your outfitting needs may be. We can help you register for your BWCA Permits and/or Quetico Permits.

If you HAVE heard all you need to hear to make your outfitting decision. We ask that you visit our online reservation page and start planning your trip TODAY! Or call us for reservations at: 218-388-2216