Why buy a new canoe when you can get a perfectly used canoe for half the price. Plus, you won’t have to worry about being the one who puts the first scratches in it. That takes all the pressure off. These used canoes are Boundary Waters and Quetico tested, and if they could talk, they would have some great stories to tell of the sunsets they’ve seen, the fish they’ve had bouncing around on their floor, and the portages they’ve crossed. Take one home in confidence they’ve passed the ultimate canoeing test that is the BWCAW and Quetico Provincial Parks. All of our canoes are Boundary Waters ready!

Photo Make/Model Year Description Price
Used 3

Used 2

Used 1

Kevlar Souris River 2012 (lightweight and known for stability) 17’ and 44 lbs. $1600
Used 4

Used 5

Used 6

Kevlar Souris River 2009 (lightweight and known for stability) 17’ and 44 lbs. $1350

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