Canoe Trip Reports

Many of our customers plan their whole year around their BWCAW or Quetico canoe trips. Countless hours of planning, research and anticipation go into each year. And in an attempt to remember each moment of their trip to tide them over until next year’s trip, they keep a journal while on their trip. And so graciously they’ve shared their adventures with us. This page is where we can all relive their journies and enjoy in the experience and excitement of what the BWCAW and Quetico have to offer.

Below you’ll find the first hand trip accounts of a number of customers that have outfitted with us here at Seagull Outfitters. They have graciously shared the details of their canoe trips with us to help us share in their excitement, learn more about specific areas of the park or simply to help us pass the time and get through another winter as we anxiously await our next trip.

Grab your favorite beverage, gorp and beef jerky and paddle and portage along as our guests take you on their trips of a lifetime.

How To Have Your Trip Report Posted

If you’ve paddled with us and have a canoe trip report that you’d like to share with others and have published on our site, submit your trip report writeup and as many pictures as you would like to have accompany your report right from our online submission form.

Online Trip Report Submission Form