Hi everyone!

Seagull Lake is looking more beautiful than ever as we reach temperatures in the high 70s with sunny skies. The water is so blue. We’ve had a lot of happy paddlers coming off the water in the last few days, and we are gearing up to help many more begin their journey this weekend! Cabin customers in our Big Sag cabin had great luck with their bass fishing this last week, and together they brought in some impressive hooks! Also- some exciting news… the blueberries are beginning to ripen! We had a lot of rain early in the summer season, and our warm temperatures lately have helped the blueberry crop begin to thrive. Some of our staff members, Brittney and Rachel, went berry picking yesterday and came up with half a Ziploc of Raspberries! We have seen quite a few bear and moose lately… we’ve had two moose in our bay within the last week! What a time to be alive. Loving the sunshine and our Seagull customers!