Good morning, everyone! Life is good here at Seagull Outfitters.

We’ve had a very busy September. We typically see a lull at the end of August leading to Labor Day weekend, but business has carried through steadily. There are a lot of groups utilizing our services, and we are happy to offer our assistance! It’s begun to quiet down significantly… we will begin the process of cleaning/starting our closing tasks next week. As you all know, we are a seasonal business and close down at the end of September each year until our re-opening each May.

The majority of our staff has went back to our school/completed their obligation(s), so we have four staff remaining up at the staff quarters. Rachel leaves on Sunday, Ian leaves at the end of the month, and Brittney & Nate will be around the first few days of October to get things shut down. The end is near! We are very appreciative of the work that our staff has done this summer and in previous years; Seagull is very much so a team effort!

We’ve hired our first staff member for 2018! His name is Nick and we look forward to seeing him next May. We are currently accepting applications for 2018… if you’re interested, apply early! We are looking to have our hiring finished by February 2018.

The leaves are starting to change along the Gunflint. It will be quite a beautiful spectacle within the next week or so! We are incredibly lucky.

Have a great rest of your summer! Lots of parties coming off the water today.