Roll N Go Shore Docking Ramps

As a canoe outfitter and resort owner, we deal with many boats and canoes throughout the season. Figuring out dock space and the logistics of boat and canoe rentals on a daily basis is often times a challenge and we find ourselves with a shortage of space on our docks. And many of you may have your own personal issues with dock space and are looking for a solution to that problem. We have that solution for you in the way of Roll-N-Go Shore Docking Systems.


We at Seagull Outfitters are your official Roll N Go Shore Docking Dealer because of the value that we see in them and want to offer you your own solution to boat docking. Are you looking for better ways to:

  • Eliminate the damage done to your boat, pwc or pontoon by wind and waves beating it into the dock?
  • Clean out the inside of your boat, pwc or pontoon?
  • Manage your minimal dock space?
  • Or maybe you have a piece of shoreline that can’t accommodate a dock.

If you have any of these needs, you should strongly consider looking at what Roll N Go has to offer with their line of Roll-N-Go Shore Docking Ramps. And we would be happy to answer any questions and quote you rates based on your needs. Email us at or call 218-388-2216. For a downloadable brochure, go to Roll-N-Go Shore Docking Ramps.

The Roll N Go has offered us a much more efficient way to clean and dock our boats, saving us time and energy and freeing up precious space on our dock for our customers. They are perfect for your summer lake cabin; and you should be aware of the option if you’re looking for ways to solve your own docking issues.

Below are prices for the different models and accessories you may be interested in. Here is a specification sheet providing more detailed information about each of the Roll N Go products that we offer.

Roll-N-Go Ramp Systems  Description (Brochure) Price Drop Ship Charge
  Model PWC Shore Ramp   11 feet long, 900 lb. winch w/ 15′ Strap  899.99 67.00
  PWC Extension   8 feet long   599.99  62.00
  Model 750 Shore Ramp   18 feet long, 1100 lb. winch w/ 25′ Strap 1599.99 113.00
  750 Extension   9 feet long 749.99 67.00
  Model 1200 Shore Ramp   18 feet long, 1700 lb. winch w/ 25′ Strap 1999.99 113.00
  1200 Extension   9 feet long  949.99 67.00
  Model 2000 Shore Ramp   18 feet long, 1700 lb. winch w/ 25′ Strap 2499.99 131.00
  2000 Extension   9 feet long   1199.99 94.00
  Model Pontoon Shore Ramp   18 feet long, 1700 lb. winch w/ 25′ Strap 3899.99 235.00
  Pontoon Extension   9 feet long 1799.99   113.00
  Roll-N-Go Accessories/Upgrades
  Winch Upgrade – 1500 Autobrake   w/ 50′ cable (Replaces 1700 lb. winch)


  Keel Roller Kit for Model 750/1200/2000


  Roller Set – Model 1200 / Pontoon   2 rollers, 2 brackets, hardware


  Roller Set – Model 2000   4 rollers, 2 axles, hardware


  Ground Anchor Kit   Includes; anchor, chain, hardware


  Ground Anchor   anchor only


  Float Kit – Basic*   Includes 2 beams, 2 floats, hardware


  Second Pair Beams / Floats   Includes rail mounting hardware


  Drop Roller Kit   Use with Basic Float Kit


  Angle Brace Kit   Use with Basic Float Kit


  Extra Float *   Includes beam mounting hardware


  Basic Leg Kit   Bolts to rail


  Wide Support Kit – 8.5′   Add To Basic Leg Kit


  • Minnesota state plus 1% local tax (7.875%) should be included in all orders.
  • We can ship orders straight to your address within the 48 contiguous states.
  • Items usually ship within 24 hours
  • Please allow 3-5 business days for shipping, freight prepaid on single shipments over $3500.

Model Pontoon Shore Ramp

Basic Support Leg Kit

Wide Support Leg Kit

Model 2000 Shore Ramp

Model 1200 Shore Ramp

Model 750 Shore Ramp

Model PWC Shore Ramp

Basic Float Kit

Model 2000 Extension