Seagull Outfitters and Cabins Reservation Guide

This reservation guide will help you provide all the necessary information to plan your trip with Seagull Outfitters.

It is imperative that you fill in all the appropriate blanks on this form in order for us to process your reservation. You will receive confirmation back to your e-mail address. Please fill out carefully and completely. Thank you! Please call us with any questions. 218-388-2216

Notes: If you would like some guidance on route selection, particularly if this is your first trip, please also fill out our Routing Assistance form after you submit your reservation. If you simply want us to send you a brochure or more information, use our simple request form.

Step 1 - Group Leader Information


Step 2 - Reservation Information

Note: There is a 3 night minimum on all cabin reservations.

Note: For BWCA or Quetico canoe trips, a maximum of 9 people are allowed on a single entry permit. If your group will consist of more than 9 people, you will need to reserve multiple permits and travel separately inside the park.



Step 3 - Cabin Information

Please choose your preferred cabin below. If the cabin that you are looking for is not in the list please contact us for availablity, or look online here.

Please indicate below if you’d like to add canoes or motor boats to your rental.

Please provide any additional information about your cabin rental needs and use this space to clarify anything that is necessary to help us best serve you.


Step 3 - BWCA and Quetico Permit Information

Alternate Group Leader Information

Permit Details

Seagull Canoe Outfitters will reserve your Boundary Waters or Quetico
Permits in advance for Complete Outfitting and Food/Canoe Packages
with no permit handling fee.
For the Boundary Waters, you will pay the minimum permit fee of $38.00.
For the Quetico, you will pay the minimum permit fee of $54.00.
You will pay the balance of your permit fees on arrival at Seagull
or when you arrive at the Quetico Cache Bay Ranger Station.
There is an additional service charge of $20 for handling any permits.
Would you like us to purchase your entry permit?

You may reserve BWCA permits here:
You may reserve Quetico permits here:

Tell us a little bit about your planned route, or if you are looking for advice on possibilities, please provide some basic info about your interests. We will help pair a route with your interests that we would recommend.



Step 4 - Equipment Outfitting

Choose the items that you need.

Complete Outfitting

Canoe Outfitting

If you have a canoe preference please let us know by entering the number of canoes of each type you would like.

Two Person Canoes

Three Person Canoes

Solo Canoes

Tow Service

Bunkhouse Reservation

We can provide space in our bunkhouse for the night you arrive at Seagull Outfitters. One night in the bunkhouse lodge is included in Complete Outfitting.
Check the box below to reserve space in the bunkhouse.

Additional Information / Equipment Requests

If you have any questions, or need additional equipment for your trip please let us know in the box below.