Recommended Reading List

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Here is a list of the books we recommend to learn more about the Boundary Waters and Quetico. We carry these books at our store, and are happy to sell them to you from May through September only. We are happy to process your order via phone with Visa or MasterCard.

Book by Michael Furtman called Magic on the Rocks: Canoe Country Pictographs.

Magic on the Rocks: Canoe Country Pictographs, by Michael Furtman, Adventure Publications.

A guide to the pictographs in the BWC AW and Quetico… must reading for any seeker of antiquities. Paperback, 191 pages; $14.95.
A New Boundary Waters and Quetico Fishing Guide by Michael Furtman

A New Boundary Waters and Quetico Fishing Guide, by Michael Furtman, Northword Press.

A must for anyone planning to fish in the Boundary Waters or Quetico, practical explanation of structure and techniques for walleye, smallmouth bass, northern pike, and lake trout, also includes a listing of which species is prevalent in each lake. Paperback; 203 pages; $14.95.
Curious Visitors Guide to the Wildlife of the North Woods

Curious Visitor’s Guide to the Wildlife of the North Woods, by Don Grossnickle and Mark Crawford, Backwoods Books.

An entertaining and easy to understand guide to all the plants and animals of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. Paperback, 115 pages; $14.95.
Three books by Sigurd E. Olson, The Lonely Land, Runes of the North, and Reflections from the North Country.

Listening Point, Of Time and Place, Reflections of the North Country, Open Horizons, Runes of the North, The Singing Wilderness, The Lonely Land, all by Sigurd Olson, University of Minnesota Press.

These classics have just been re-released in paperback. Lyrical tales of the Canoe Country by the man credited with helping to preserving this wonderful land, illustrated by artist Les Kouba. 175 pages; $15.95.
A Taste of Life on the Gunflint Trail cookbook

A Taste of Life on the Gunflint Trail: Stories, History & Recipes from the Lodges and Restaurants, as told by the Women of the Trail, Adventure Publications.

Have a “taste” of life on the Gunflint Trail from the business owners and families that have spent generations exploring our wilderness. Full of Gunflint Trail history and stories, with more than 140 recipes that have been passed down for generations. 256 pages; $16.95.
Book by Miron Heinselman called The Boundary Waters Wilderness Ecosystem.

The Boundary Waters Wilderness Ecosystem, Miron Heinselman, University of Minnesota Press.

A beautiful color coffee table book which explains the history, geology, flora, fauna, and influence of man on the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. Softcover, 334 pages; $24.95.
The Gunflint Lodge Cookbook by Ron Berg and Sue Kerfest

The Gunflint Lodge Cookbook, by Ron Berg, University of Minnesota Press.

A wonderful array of easy to fix gourment recipes from our neighbor, Ron, former head chef at Gunflint Lodge. Foreword by Justine Kerfoot, co-authored by Sue Kerfoot (owner of Gunflint Lodge), with seasonal introductory stories by Ron. Paperback, 161 pages; $19.95.
The cover of Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan Wild Berries & Fruits Field Guide.

Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan Wild Berries and Fruits: Field Guide, by Teresa Marrone, Adventure Publications.

Learn to identify wild berries and fruits out in the woods with this helpful field guide from Adventure Publications. Over 165 wild berries and fruits discussed with full-page color! By Teresa Marrone. Paperback, 280 pages; $14.95.
Quetico Fall Fishing Legends by Craig Zarley

Quetico Fall Fishing Legends: Lake Trout, Smallmouth, and Walleye Jig Fishing Secrets, by Craig Zarley, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform.

Master the effective techniques for catching lake trout, smallmouth bass, and walleye throughout the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness and Quetico Provincial Park from an angler with fifty years of traveling experience. By Craig Zarley. Paperback, 143 pages; $14.95.
Book by Michael Furtman called Canoe Country Camping: Wilderness Skills for the Boundary Waters and Quetico.

Canoe Country Camping, by Michael Furtman; and Canoe Country Wildlife, Canoe Country Flora by Mark Stensaas; University of Minnesota Press.

These guides to the north woods and boundary waters will help you learn wilderness skills, as well as plant and animal identification and fascinating facts about local flora and fauna. Softcover, 200 pages (Canoe Country Camping is 220 pages); $14.95.
The Back Country Kitchen - by Teresa Marrone

The Back-Country Kitchen, by Teresa Marrone, Adventure Publications.

Learn to pack your own lightweight meals; even includes full instructions for home-drying vegetables, fruits and meat. The definitive guide to making great food at your campsite. Photos throughout, including 16 pages in full color. Paperback, 208 pages; $14.95.
Book by Robert Beymer called A Paddler's Guide to Quetico Provincial Park.

A Paddler's Guide to Quetico Provincial Park, by Robert Beymer, W. A. Fisher Company.

This comprehensive book is a guide to 18 entry points and 31 routes that touch all parts of this million-acre wilderness. Following a brief summary of each route, the book takes the reader through the entire trip, day by day, commenting on points of interest along the way, including Indian pictographs, campsite locations and portages. Maps are suggested. A four-color, fold-out map that shows all the routes described, pictograph locations and campsites throughout the park are included. Softcover; 159 pages; $12.95
Book by Betty Vos Hemstad called Wildflowers of the Boundary Waters: Hiking Through the Seasons.

Wildflowers of the Boundary Waters, by Betty Vos Hemstad,Minnesota Historical Society Press.

This beautiful guide is organized by season and then by color, making it the perfect companion for a walk in the woods, whether on the trail or far from it. And when you’ve learned all Hemstad has to teach, she offers a Wildflower Challenge–twenty “neighbors’ photographed in one season or another for you to identify and capture with your own camera. Softcover; 271 pages; $22.95
Book by Justine Kerfoot called Women of the Boundary Waters

Woman of the Boundary Waters (the story of Justine Kerfoot), by Justine Kerfoot, University of Minnesota Press.

Read the personal story of how Justine pioneered the Gunflint Trail and ran a resort on the edge of the wilderness for the last 51 years, foreward by artist Les Blacklock, featuring a new afterword by Justine. Paperback; $15.95.
Book by Justine Kerfoot called Gunflint: Reflection of the Trail

Gunflint: Reflections on the Trail, by Justine Kerfoot, University of Minnesota Press.

Personal reflections of Justine Kerfoot provide a year-round view of a life that most of us only glimpse in short weekend interludes. Paperback; $12.95.
Book by Betsy Powell and Carol DeSain called Betsy and Saganaga: One Life, One Lake

Betsy and Saganaga, by Betsy Powell, Adventure Publications.

This is the story about the relationship between Betsy Powell and Saganaga Lake. For nearly 70 years, Betsy lived on this remote lake between the U.S. and Canada, trapping, fishing, hunting and guiding fishing parties. She built her own cabin and traveled miles on foot and by boat for supplies, all while thriving without the luxuries of electricity or running water. Paperback, 108 pages; $12.95
Book by Bob Cary called Root Beer Lady: The Story Of Dorothy Molter

Root Beer Lady (the story of Dorothy Molter), by Bob Cary, University of Minnesota Press.

Famed author Bob Cary tells the engaging tale of one of the last people to actually live their life inside the Boundary Waters Canoe Area, illustrated by Bob Cary himself. Paperback, 177 pages; $12.95.