Hi everyone!

Bit of a rainy afternoon at Seagull Outfitters so I thought that I’d post some updates. Hope you’ve all been well!

We’ve been incredibly busy these past few weeks. We are wrapping up our staff training and have 7 new individuals standing on their own 🙂 They’re doing well; we couldn’t be happier with their progress thus far. Another good crew this year- that’s for sure. A lot of big fishermen… be sure to ask for their tips and tricks for fishing the area lakes!

Tia and Liz recently spent a few nights along the border from Moose Lake (Ely) to Knife/Ottertrack on the American side. TJ also did a version of that trip on his solo trip last week. Nick Buske has been out on Seagull, Alpine, and Rog multiple times in the past week and a half. Mike and Nick Bugajski ventured into Red Rock, and Amber and Sarah took a day trip to the Seagull palisades as well. We’ve been covering some territory!

Our Saganaga towboats have been busy, busy, busy! Despite the late ice-out, business is looking incredibly busy for the remainder of the 2018 paddle season. Permits are filling up, so be sure to reserve yours as soon as you’ve decided on your dates. Our cabins are also filling nicely… we have miscellaneous 3-4 night openings throughout the summer but for the most part they’re completely booked up. Claim your dates before they’re taken by someone else!

No moose sightings by the Seagull store recently, but we’ve seen quite a few eagles and beavers around. We saw some moose along the Gunflint Trail the other day but didn’t have a camera with us unfortunately. Don’t worry- we’ll be sure to post a moose video on our Facebook page if we have our camera ready!

We are still looking for a friendly face or two to join us that can work through late August/September once some of the staff go back to school. Learn more at https://www.seagulloutfitters.com/employment/ and let us know if you have any questions.

Look forward to seeing you all very soon! Thanks so much for following along with our adventures.