bwca-permit-signingPermits are required to camp in both the BWCA and Quetico. As your outfitter, we will obtain your permit for you; however, early reservations are a must to ensure that you may travel in the area that is best for you. We are taking reservations now for the Boundary Waters or Quetico for a trip this summer. Call us today to book your trip and take care of your entry permits!

  • There are user fees you must pay to the Forest Service to camp in the BWCA. There is a $10.00 per party permit reservation fee, as well as a $16.00 per adult fee per trip ($8.00 per child under 18). Both the reservation fee and the user fees must be paid at the time you make a permit reservation and will go directly on your credit card.You may check the Forest Service web site for permit availability.
  • Quetico Park has a $11 reservation fee when we initially reserve the permit; and at the Cache Bay Ranger Station you will pay $21.50 per adult per night Canadian fees and $8.50 per child (under 18) per night Canadian fees. You will be given the current exchange rate. The Cache Bay Ranger Station accepts your Visa , Mastercard and American Express Card for these fees. In addition to the $11 permit reservation fee, at the time of booking your Quetico permit you will also be required to pay $100.00 which will be applied to your camping fees in the Park.
  • As of 1998 the Customs Station on Saganaga Lake was permanently closed. To cross the border into the Quetico, you must have an RABC (Remote Area Border Crossing) Permit in your possession. They are only available in advance, by mail. You cannot get one locally. Download the mail-in form from the Canadian customs web site. Note: some guests have reported problems accessing this site. You may download the form from our site (in PDF format) by clicking here. You’ll need the free Acrobat plug-in; if you don’t have it, click here to go to the Adobe Acrobat site. We recommend applying for this permit at least 45 days prior to your trip. The RABC will cost about $30.00 Canadian and covers your spouse and any dependent children under 18 and is good for 1 year.
  • Party size is limited to nine persons and four canoes in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area. Party size in the Quetico is limited to nine persons; however, there is no limit on the number of canoes in the party.

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