The paddling season is around the corner. We have added some NEW Northstar Bell Northwind Tandem Kevlar canoes to the fleet once again this spring. In addition, we have purchased a couple of NEW Northstar Bell Solo Northwinds in Kevlar. Since the Northwind is such a popular boat for us, we think you will really like the stability and speed of the new solos.

A recurring theme I had heard all winter long while taking reservations really strikes a chord with me. I have had many paddlers returning after a 20-25 year break from coming to the canoe country. They have had many reasons they haven’t been back. However, they have all mentioned it was one of the best experiences of their lives and they need to get back while they still can. So, it will be a reunion of sorts for many long time Seagull customers this summer. It warms my heart to think Seagull and the canoe country holds such a special spot for many.

We have 4 great returning key staffers in 2015. We are very happy to have Jon, Zach, Brittany and Mariah back with us. They all know the inner workings to make Seagull Outfitters what it is and will be a great asset to us this summer. In addition, we have hired some great new young folks to assist us as well.

The Gunflint Trail and Cook County Visitor’s Bureau will be holding a “Boundary Waters Expo” on Seagull Lake at the Blankenburg Landing in June. The dates are June 12-14. The event has some great speakers, equipment dealers and boat demos. You might want to try to fit your canoe trip around those dates. Follow this link for more info at . In addition, you can search “Boundary Waters Expo” on Facebook. Stay tuned for some special Seagull Packages in conjunction with this event.