Office/Administrative Assistant

If you like talking on the phone, being in charge,working alone, are organized, want responsibility and are good at it….this is the job for you!

Managing the Seagull office is more than a full time job. We look for smart and competent individuals to help make each season a successful one. This is the case for all of our positions, but even more so for our office positions.

Our canoe season is short, and we try and maximize our season by managing our rentals in the most efficient way possible. We look for employees that have experience talking on the phone and in a customer service capacity. We field countless phone calls and emails every day of the season from people inquiring about canoe trips and lake cabin rentals. We’re open from 7am to 7pm seven days a week, and it’s imperative we have full coverage in our office the entire time. Managing the daily activities is important and often takes a good portion of Debbie and Dave’s time. So it’s important for us to hire and train responsible assistants who can answer the phone and provide information to people seeking outfitting advice.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe office duties are numerous, and can and most likely will include:

  • Answering the phone
  • Responding to customer and inquiry email
  • Take and capture reservation information
  • Ordering BWCA Permits and Quetico Permits
  • Preparing and mailing Brochure packages to those seeking company information
  • Confirming reservations
  • Managing the daily outfitting equipment and rental resources
  • Ordering supplies from our distributors
  • Assist in the store duties when things become busy
  • Basic office work: filing, copying, etc.
  • Basic accounting
  • And more…

Throughout the season, we receive inquiries on top of inquiries about taking a canoe trip to the Boundary Waters or Quetico. This position requires a high level of responsibility and accountability. W strive to make sure that all interaction with our customers is positive, and often times, our assistants will be the voice of the business. We operate in a professional manner and we expect those working in our office to do so as well.

We train all individuals for this position, but we expect them to learn quickly. We have certain policies and procedures that we have as business and also Park rules that we must follow as we outfit groups into the wilderness. There are rules and regulations for both the BWCA and Quetico, and our assistants are responsible for learning these inside and out. Conversations on the phone can go in all directions, so applicants must be able to learn about canoeing, camping, fishing, park rules, outfitting prices, routes within the park, etc. Any prior knowledge of any of these areas is a definite advantage. Any past experience traveling inside the BWCA or Quetico is also a huge plus.

This is a fast paced business in our short season, and can be demanding at times. Those who can demonstrate their ability to work well under pressure, communicate well over the phone and through email, have a good memory and remain organized will have a leg up on this position.

More Info and How to Apply

You can read more about the overall experience of a Seagull staff member by reading the Seagull Outfitters Job Description.

To apply for this position as a office assistant, please access our Employment Application and either print it out and fill out and either mail or fax it back to us. Or you can simply download the file and copy the entire application into a blank Word document. Note: You may have to adjust the top and bottom and side margins in order for it to fit correctly on your screen. You can then complete the application and simply email us with the application as a Word file attachment. That will provide the simplest and fastest way and allow us to get a chance to view your information earlier. Thank you so much for your interest in our company and we wish you the best.