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Minnesota state fishing regulations apply to fishing in the BWCAW. For a comprehensive look at fishing regulations, license options, daily and possession limits, etc. Visit the Minnesota DNR website for the current year’s Minnesota Fishing Regulations.


If you are going to be fishing in our area, rest assured, you can purchase Minnesota fishing licenses in our store. There is no need to obtain one prior to coming up the Gunflint Trail, though you do have the option to purchase them online or with another licensed retailer beforehand.  The Minnesota DNR website has all of the current license options and prices.

Executive Summary

Minnesota Residents

License   Cost
Angling, Individual (age 16 and older) $26
Angling, Conservation Individual (1/2 limit) $18
Angling, Combination (husband and wife) $41
Angling, Conservation Combination (husband and wife, 1/2 limit) $28
Angling, Individual 24 hour $13
Sports, Individual (fishing and small game hunting license) $42
Trout and Salmon Stamp $10

Minnesota Non-Residents

License   Cost
Angling, Individual (age 16 and older) $52
Angling, Family (one or both parents and children under age 16) $69
Angling, Individual 7-Day $44
Angling, Individual 72 Hour $37
Angling, Individual 24 hour $15
Angling, Husband and Wife 14-Day $55
Angling, Youth  $6
Trout and Salmon Stamp $10

*Pricing valid for 2018 paddle season; 2018 license year expires on February 28, 2019 for most licenses.

Fishing MinnesotaPlease note, social security numbers are required for sale of fishing license within the state of Minnesota, and we will also need your driver’s license for additional information. Be sure that you bring it along!

All of the information above was pulled from Minnesota’s DNR fishing regulations booklet and their website.

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