Hi everyone!

We hope that you had a wonderful Easter with friends and family. We are hard at work this week preparing for the MN fishing opener on May 12, 2018- just a little over a month away! Crazy how time flies. There is still a lot to do in terms of paperwork and website updates prior to that time; we’ll certainly be keeping busy.

Our 12th Annual Ice-Out Contest recently closed on Facebook and we had a whopping 107 people participate this year! When will the ice be out of the picture from our webcam view on Seagull Lake? Follow along with the fun on our “Seagull Canoe Outfitters” Facebook page. We also feature a webcam view of the lake on the homepage of our website; you’ve likely already seen it.

What date will win? Each person who correctly guesses the right date will win a hoodie from the Seagull Outfitters store… pretty nice reward, if you ask me! Last year (2017) the winning date was April 14th and the year prior (2016) was April 22nd. In 2014, the ice wasn’t out of our Seagull Bay until May 11th! What do you think it will be? Though our official contest is closed, we want to hear your thoughts!

Have a good rest of your week! We’ll be seeing you all SOON!