Housekeeping service

A large part of our service is our cleanliness.

Along with outfitting comes cleaning. There is certainly no shortage of that at Seagull. We’ve built a reputation in the area for our cleanliness over the years and our guests have come to expect that.

We not only outfit canoe trips, but we also have rental cabins that are rented generally on a weekly basis. Every week our lake cabin rentals are cleaned and linens laundered to prepare for the next week’s guests. As you can imagine, this includes making beds, vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms, sweeping, moping, dusting, etc. Throughout the week, our guests are pretty self-sufficient. Saturday is our cabin cleaning day. Our guests leave in the morning by 9am and our new guests for the next week check in at 4pm. We have 6 cabins to clean in that time, and we usually need every minute we can to make the turn around in time.

On the canoe outfitting side, many of our guests like to arrive the night before they embark on their trip to prepare for the next morning by sorting out all of their gear and getting to bed at a decent hour to get some rest for their big trip the next morning. We allow them to do that by providing them a place to stay in our 8 room bunkhouse lodge. Every morning after our guests are all taken care of and out on the water, we must clean the bunkhouse to again get ready for the next night’s guests.

Close to our bunkhouse, we have a shower house for all of our canoe parties that are either preparing to go out on a trip, or just coming off of the water. After a week long trip, our shower house is a welcome sight to our guests looking to clean up and get back to civilization. Our shower house is cleaned at least once and the majority of the time twice per day.

The comments that we receive regarding the cleanliness of our bunkhouse and shower house are a testament to the hard working staff that we employ each season. Keeping our facilities neat and clean has become a competitive advantage for us and keeps bringing customers back year after year. So it’s important that we employ enthusiastic customer oriented people to help us keep our customers happy.

Throughout the work day customers are coming and going. And when they return from a trip, they also return all of the equipment that they had rented from us. This equipment must be cleaned and hung up to dry so it can be returned to the shelves for future parties. Equipment includes tents, Duluth packs, sleeping bags, thermarests, tarps and more. This job is done outside under our outfitting overhang where we keep a watchful eye on the dock for canoers paddling in or cabin guests coming and going. There are also dishes to be done in the back room when customers return cook kits, etc.

There is a fair amount of cleaning as an outfitter. We’re in the service business, and waiting on our customers to ensure each part of their interaction with us is a good one is extremely important to us as a business.

Some of the things that we look for in housekeeping staff are:

  • Customer service
  • Detail oriented
  • Proactive
  • Enthusiastic
  • Friendly

As a housekeeping employee a good portion of your day will include some type of cleaning. That could range from cabins, bunkhouse/shower house, equipment, canoes, boats, vehicles, dishes, laundry to name a few. But there are other tasks like meeting and greeting customers on the dock, loading canoe parties into trailers to drop off at their entry point, driving customers to entry points, making the dump run, returning recyclables, organizing the back room when supplies are delivered, and all sorts of things. Being versatile and teachable will go a long way in ensuring you that no day will ever be the same and that you will always have a variety of things to do.

Anyone can be an outfitter, but at Seagull Outfitters, we’ve built our business on customer service and paying attention to the details. In a service business, that’s how we differentiate ourselves, and that’s the way you can as well to grab our attention and be part of our team.

If you can provide examples of how you pay attention to detail and are customer focused, you’ll almost guarantee yourself a fun filled summer in the Northwoods.

More Info and How to Apply

You can read more about the overall experience of a Seagull staff member by reading the Seagull Outfitters Job Description.

To apply for this position in housekeeping, please access our Employment Application and either print it out and fill out and either mail or fax it back to us. Or you can simply download the file and copy the entire application into a blank Word document. Note: You may have to adjust the top and bottom and side margins in order for it to fit correctly on your screen. You can then complete the application and simply email us with the application as a Word file attachment. That will provide the simplest and fastest way and allow us to get a chance to view your information earlier. Thank you so much for your interest in our company and we wish you the best.