Catamaran Canoe loaded with a family and gear leaving the landing.

A Canoe for the Whole Family

Since the inception of the rule in 1999 that eliminated boat and motor access to 60% of Seagull Lake, many people have not been able to visit their favorite spots on the lake. Some folks don’t have the coordination to keep a canoe steady in the water. Some families have small children that can’t paddle for themselves. And still others may be perfectly capable of paddling a normal canoe, but they want to enjoy the trip with friends. So to help reunite many folks with the areas of Seagull Lake that they have not seen in years due to the motor restrictions, we’ve developed the double canoe raft.

Catamaran Canoe

As we remember the days of old when Seagull Lake was entirely accessible by motor boat, we think of great fishing holes and beautiful scenery. But with the new motor restrictions on Seagull, we’ve been forced to get creative in order to fish those holes with the ease of years past. And we’ve come up with the double canoe raft. A craft that is more than twice as stable as a regular canoe because it is actually two canoes braced together for extra stability and support.

Paddling is an ease and it is very relaxing because you can sit in more comfortable positions without the worry of swamping the canoe. The craft is virtually “un-swampable” because of the design, and you can even stand up in the canoe to stretch or to land that big fish.

Advantages of the Catamaran Canoe

Catamaran Canoe loaded with a family and gear.

  • Much more stable than a regular canoe
  • Fishing in general becomes so much easier from this watercraft. Fishing in the wind from a canoe is downright brutal and impossible at times. With an anchor and this steady craft, you’ll be able to sit over your favorite fishing holes with ease
  • Perfect for family trips with smaller children
  • Makes fishing trips to the “special fishing holes” by the Palisades, Alpine Rapids, etc. much easier and more comfortable
  • Base camping on the big part of Seagull Lake is easier when the wind blows with the canoe raft
  • Fly fishing the shorelines becomes easier with the option to stand and fly cast
  • Cabin guests not fond of canoeing now have more of a hybrid option
  • It’s the next best thing to a boat and motor (and since they aren’t allowed inside the BWCA, we’ve got the best thing out there) if you’re looking for stability and comfort while still enjoying what the BWCA has to offer

Day Trip Ideas


  • Lunch atop the Seagull Palisades (see photo at right)
  • Blueberry picking on Miles Island
  • Fishing at: Alpine Rapids, Hoover Island, Palisades, Shirttail Point, Seagull Rock, etc.
  • Swimming at the sandy beach campsite on the north Seagull shore
  • Photograph the countless wildlife and scenic opportunities found throughout one of Minnesota’s most prized lakes
  • Hike the 1.6 mile Jap portage and look for juneberries and blueberries
  • Have lunch at Picnic Point by the Alpine Lake portage
  • View the huge eagle’s nest on Eagle’s Nest Island
  • And More…

Rental Rate


$130.00 per day – Call and reserve this canoe today!

Makeup of the Canoe Raft

  • Built with two 17 foot, 61 pound Grumman canoes offering 4 seats or two 18 1/2′ Alumacraft canoes offering 6 seats.
  • Engineered and held together with 2 heavy duty aluminum poles
  • Reinforced stability
  • Solid, sturdy construction

Catamaran Canoe loaded with a family and gear.