2017 Canoe Rental & Partial Outfitting Packages

IMG_1665We are your Kevlar Canoe Headquarters on the Gunflint Trail!

Rates are based on calendar days only, with no half-day rates. Rates include free parking and showers.
Rates subject to change.

To Reserve Call: 218-388-2216

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Canoe Length



Price Per Day

Tandem+ Canoes (includes paddles and life vests)
17 feet Kevlar Wenonah Boundary Waters* 42 pounds $47.00
17 feet Kevlar Souris River Le Tigre Quetico * 44 pounds $47.00
17 feet Kevlar Wenonah Spirit 2* 42 pounds $47.00
17-1/2 feet Kevlar Wenonah Escape* 41 pounds $47.00
17-1/2 feet Kevlar Bell Northwind* 41 pounds $47.00
18 feet Kevlar Wenonah Champlain* 46 pounds $48.00
18-1/2 feet Kevlar Bell Northwind*w/3rd seat 50 pounds $49.00
18-1/2 feet Kevlar Wenonah MN II* 42 pounds $47.00
18-1/2 feet Kevlar Souris River Le Tigre Quetico 18.5′ w/ 3rd seat* 49 pounds $52.00
19 feet Kevlar Wenonah Seneca with third seat* 55 pounds $52.00
20 feet Kevlar Wenonah Minnesota 3 with third seat* 52 pounds $52.00
17 feet Royalex Wenonah Spirit 2 65 pounds $35.00
16 feet Royalex Bell Northwind 60 pounds $35.00
17 feet Alumacraft Quetico 61 pounds $35.00
18-1/2 feet Alumacraft Quetico with third seat 67 pounds $45.00
Solo Canoes (includes paddles and life vest)
16 feet Northwind Solo Kevlar 29 pounds $45.00
15.4 feet Wenonah Royalex Wilderness 49 pounds $40.00
16-1/2 feet Kevlar Wenonah Prism* 34 pounds $45.00
16 feet Kevlar Wenonah Canak* (canoe & kayak combo) 38 pounds $45.00
16 feet Kevlar Magic 29 pounds $45.00
Specialty Canoes (includes paddles and life vest)
17 feet Alumacraft Catamaran Canoe – Most stable watercraft in the Canoe Country 122 pounds $85.00

* A special note about KEVLAR Canoes -

  • These canoes are made of a lightweight kevlar material that is designed for speed in the water and convenience on the portages.
  • They are not intended to touch rocks.
  • Special care is required of these canoes:
    • Load and unload gear into and out of the canoe ONLY while the canoe is floating in the water.
    • These are a “wet foot” canoes. Meaning that you will have to get your feet wet when arriving at a portage or campsite, etc.
    • Remove them completely from the water at night and tie them to a tree while in camp. They are lightweight and have blown away on some careless customers in the past. Let this not be you.
    • Do Not run the bow or stern up onto land. Instead, pull in parallel to the shoreline and step out easily without rubbing the canoe hull on the rocks.
  • They are damaged much easier than a royalex or an aluminum canoe because of their weight and material.
  • It will be your responsibility to ensure that your canoe is returned to us in the shape that we sent it out with you in.
  • Minor nicks and scrapes are natural and unavoidable, but dents, gouges and holes are avoidable and therefore, you will be held responsible for them upon your return.
  • Kevlar canoes are becoming more and more popular in the BWCA and Quetico and many people are using them and LOVING them. There are special precautions involved with canoeing in a kevlar canoe. We want you to enjoy the convenience of a kevlar canoe, but we also want you to understand the care that they require. They aren’t your father’s aluminum Grumman canoe. As long as you keep this in mind, you won’t have any problems.

We offer a headstart launch service from both Seagull and Saganaga lakes. Our towboats will take you to any point on either lake, enabling you to quickly get deeper into the canoe country without paddling these two large entry lakes. For more information on this service, click here.


Camping Equipment

  • Eureka Timberline Tents, Kelty & Marmot Backcountry Tents: (2, 4, or 6 person) $15.00, $17.00, or $20.00 each per day.
  • Nylon Duluth packs, per day: Large #3-1/2, $6.50, XL #4, $7.50
  • Bear Barrels: 60 liters (3661.42 cubic inches) and 30 liters (1830.71 cubic inches) $10 and $8 per day.
  • Cook kit and utensils: $10.00 per day per party. All cook kits have been upgraded to stainless steel, and include a small cutting board.
  • Sleeping bag, Therma Rest mattress, or stove: $7.50 each per day.
  • Tarp, dining fly, life vest, saw, paddle, or grate: $4.00 each per day.

Satellite Phones

Refer to our page at Globalstar Satellite Phone for satellite phone rental information. . Put your loved ones at ease by knowing they will be able to get a hold of you if needed.

Food Package

Includes everything on our menu page, packed in lightweight, and waterproof, cordura nylon duluth packs for comfortable travelling. $46.00 per person per day, for adults. Download and print your menu form here!

Paddlers Lodging

Each party has a private room in our new paddlers lodge. $28 per adult per night. $18.00 per night for children under 18.

Quick-Start Breakfast

In your room and consisting of hot coffee, OJ, cereal, milk, fresh fruit, and a muffin. $9 per person. (Must be reserved in advance of your arrival. Comes with complete outfitting or food packages.)

Packing Tips

Download and print our special Trip Tips checklist on-line!

Other Outfitting Options from Seagull Canoe Outfitters

_MG_0102For information on permits, camping fees, and policies, click on the links below.

If you’re ready to book your trip and you’d like some guidance on route selection, particularly if this is your first trip, please fill out our Routing Assistance form, and send it along with your reservation. This will give us information we need to recommend the perfect route for you! (Note: this form is for use only by guests who are outfitting through Seagull Outfitters. Sorry, but we can’t provide routing assistance for self-outfitted trips.)

If you’ve never visited us at Seagull Outfitters, please take a look at our Sneak Peek at the Seagull Facilities page. It’s got photos of the facilities at our base camp on Seagull Lake.