Hi everyone!

Here it is, almost July, and it feels as if the summer has just begun in Canoe Country!! We have quite a few canoe parties out on the water right now, and we are looking forward to seeing all of our upcoming parties as well. It’s such a wonderful feeling to see returning customers year after year because we are able to develop genuine friendships with our clients as they experience the canoe country. It is also a great feeling to meet new customers as they enter the BWCA for the first time! With that being said, if you are considering booking a trip for July or August, BOOK EARLY! We’re looking to have a busy summer, and our Kevlar canoes are going to be flying off the racks as we near the peak of our season. Our staff members have been enjoying their days off as well. Kelsi and Tara are going up to the Quetico tomorrow afternoon, and Brittney and Jon are going to be exploring the South Knife/Ester and Hanson area at the end of the week! It’s great to see our staff members exploring the Boundary Waters, because it creates a more personal connection to our reservations, and that’s something that we pride ourselves on here at Seagull Outfitters. They’ve endured the portages, paddled the miles, and earned their knowledge in this business in just a short time. Be sure to say hello to them during your stay! We’re looking forward to having you 🙂

Thanks for your business, and we look forward to many years to come!