Quetico Park and Boundary Waters Entry Points Map

Below is a map of the BWCA Entry Points. Seagull Canoe Outfitters is located at Boundary Waters Entry Point #54 on Seagull Lake as shown in the map below. You’ll also see Quetico Entry Points number 71, 72. 73 and 74 just north of the U.S. and Canadian border. You can download or print this map at the link located below. If you have any questions about Quetico or BWCA Entry Points contact us at seagull@seagulloutfitters.com or give us a call at 218-388-2216!

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Quetico Entry Points and the Boundary Waters Entry Points on the Gunflint Trail

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Quetico-Boundary Waters map use courtesy of W.A Fisher (123 Chestnut St., Virginia, MN 55792, (218) 741-9544).

Boundary Waters Entry Points:

  • Seagull Lake #54
  • Saganaga Lake #55
  • Magnetic Lake #57
  • Larch Creek #80
  • Brandt Lake #52
  • Missing Link #51
  • Cross Bay #50
  • Lizz Lake via Poplar #47
Quetico Entry Points:

  • Knife Lake #71
  • Man Chain #72
  • Falls Chain #73
  • Boundary Point #74