Canoe Routes from our base on Seagull Lake:
on the end of the Gunflint Trail

So you're new to the entire boundary waters experience? Or you're new to the Gunflint Trail? Or just looking for a change of scenery for your next trip? Well your options are quite numerous and no matter how young or old, there is a route out there with your name on it. Plan your BWCA or Quetico trips right here online with maps from the end of the Gunflint Trail.

  (Photo Courtesy of Brandon Proctor)

Some of you come for the world class fishing, some of you like the peaceful solitude offered by the boundary waters setting, and others of you set off in search of the many wildlife viewing opportunities. Or maybe you are looking for a combination of all of these aspects provided by a boundary waters adventure. Whatever the goal of your vacation, it can be found inside the two million acres that make up the BWCA and Quetico Parks.

The eastern side of the BWCA/Quetico, specifically the end of the Gunflint Trail, you'll find to be less congested than other areas of the wilderness. This is mainly in part because you have to drive a little further to get up to us. But that's the way we like it because here is where you'll get away from the crowds of people and find the solitude that so many of us seek. When describing their ideal trip to us, many paddlers give us the same outline. It goes like this: "We'd like to be on smaller lakes with fewer portages and experience good fishing where we can see waterfalls and cliffs but yet not see any other groups of people." Yes, this would most definitely be ideal, and we can come pretty close in most cases to fulfilling these requests. The idea of the boundary waters is to get away from people and the real world and not have to answer questions related to work, maybe find that secret fishing hole, or view a moose feeding in the shallows adjacent to your island campsite. This is all entirely possible in the boundary waters. And your chances of this happening will increase mightily as you get further away from the large numbers of people that flock to the more easily accessed entry points on the western side of the park. The correlation is simple. The less people you see, the better wilderness experience you'll have; and this is exactly what the end of the Gunflint Trail provides.

So for those of you unfamiliar with our area, these route descriptions will attempt to shed some light on a few specific routes that could provide you with your next boundary waters experience. Again, these are a choice few routes that will help whet your whistle and we'd be glad to talk with you more in detail about any of these routes or one of the many others not listed here.


Call us to Reserve Your Route: 218-388-2216


To gather more information about the route of your choice, discuss your route with other paddlers on our interactive discussion board. Pose questions and get them answered from other paddlers that have traveled before you.


Boundary Waters Routes
Quetico Routes
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*adobe reader needed to view Quetico map
  • Ogishkemuncie Base Camp - new
  • Saganagons Base Camp
  • Ester & Hanson Base Camp - new
  • Man Chain Loop
  • Long Island Base Camp
  • Silver Falls-Jasper-Ottertrack
  • Granite River Route
  • Thunder Point Loop
  • McEwen / Wet Lake Base Camp
  • Ottertrack Base Camp
  • Round-Little Saganaga-Seagull
  • Kawnipi Lake Base Camp
  • Frost River Route
  • Blackstone Lake Base Camp
  • Red Rock Base Camp
  • Poplar to Ham Route
  • Poplar to Brule to Cross Bay Route
  • Pitfall PMA Route
  • Gijikiki Lake Loop
  • Canadian Border Route
  • Missing Link-Tuscarora-Gillis Loop
  • Missing Link - Snipe - Cross Bay
  • Saganaga Base - 1st, 2nd, 3rd Bay

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